What We Do

Software Development

Do you need some software built? Would you like something automated? Does your software development team need an extra hand for a bit? Our company co-founder, Tony Mowers, has been helping companies build software for over 30 years in a variety of business domains.

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Predictive Analytics

Would you like to use your data to gain insights into your business? Do you want to use your data to help with decision support and automation?  Our company co-founders, Gabrielle Wanzenried and Tony Mowers, have been helping companies to leverage their data in a number of ways.

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Who We Are

Professor Dr. Gabrielle Wanzenried

Dr. Gabrielle Wanzenried is a professor of banking and finance at the Institute of Financial Services Zug IFZ, School of Business of the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts.

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Tony Mowers

Tony Mowers is a software engineer and data scientist with more than thirty years of industry experience helping companies build software.

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How We Work


If you want to concentrate on the business goals, and let someone else handle the details, then you should consider working with us on a project basis. We take responsibility for transforming  your concept into reality.  Every project we take on is lead by one of our very experienced partners, either Tony or Gabrielle.

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Software Contracting Services

If you just need a helping hand on your project then you should consider working with us on a service contracting basis.  You get a skilled senior software engineer/architect (Tony Mowers) to help you out with your project.

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Where We Are Located

We are located in Switzerland, on the north shore of the lake of Biel, in the small village of Ligerz.

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